Key Beniftis

  • Surface soft offering enhanced protection for your roof surface
  • Protection built in to ensure long lasting results
  • Longer effect on roofs surface as bio ingredients continue to work long after the wash
  • Effective against Red, Yellow, Green Algae, Moss and Lichen
  • Cost effective offering incredible results
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The Science

Soft-washing: The scientific approach to home exterior cleaning

Here’s the science bit: Soft-washing kills biological contaminants such as lichen, algae, pollen and moss, which otherwise discolour and damage roofs and walls. The chemical we use are also designed to inhibit the regrowth of spores and contaminants.

Power-washing will also remove the contaminants and will look great (for a while). However, jet-washing will not kill the unwanted biological growth, meaning it will return to the surface much quicker than an area treated with a soft-wash method.

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Drone Tech

We make use of drone technology to give you a proper look at your roofing and guttering. We can show you first-hand the issues allowing you to make an informed and accurate decision. The technology is also fantastic for before and after making it a win/win for everybody

Before & after images
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