Gutter cleaning

Clearing blocked gutters means the rainwater that falls down your roof can flow away from your walls and into the drains around your ho

me. Here’s everything you need to know about cleaning your gutters.

What can happen if you don’t clean your gutters?
It’s possible you’ve wondered this very question, but when you can’t see the contents of your gutters it’s all too easy to assume they are functioning just fine. In actual fact unclean gutters can lead to complicated and expensive repairs, here are just a few of those potential problems.

Leaking Gutters & Mould

If you don’t have your gutters cleaned the first problem is that they will become blocked and start to leak or overflow in heavy rainfall. Dead leaves will begin to decompose in your gutters and the stagnant filthy water will start to create mould.
Mould isn’t just a problem for your property if it gets into your walls, it is also a problem for your health. In wet climates mould is common and if it does infiltrate your property it can cause health problems and it is very difficult and expensive to treat. So the best way to deal with mould is to ensure it never had a chance to grow by keeping your gutters clean and flowing.

Damage to your Roof & Fascias

The job of your gutters is to quickly take away rain that builds during a downpour. If your gutters are blocked and can not function the water has to go somewhere, in this case, it will overflow and likely run down your brick walls rather than the downpipe, or will pour down your fascias.
Soaked walls will begin to suffer from mould, brickwork will be eroded over time and mortar can begin to soften and break away. Fascias, especially wooden ones, will begin to rot and paintwork will peel causing an unsightly appearance to your property and require expensive upkeep or even more expensive complete replacement.
If you have a flat roof and your gutters are blocked then you have the potential to not only suffer from the same problems above, but you even risk a complete cave-in of your roof if enough water builds up.
Water, when it builds up, is extremely heavy, so never ignore water building up on your roof is could be disastrous!

Water Erosion & Cracks in your Driveway

If you have ever seen a dripping gutter, then you will no doubt have seen the erosion it can cause on the ground the constant dripping lands on.
Block paved or tarmac driveways are an expensive purchase, don’t allow the minor cost of maintenance gutter cleaning to damage your expensive surfaces. If you clean your gutters at least once per year you can alleviate this problem and stop the damage or moss build up before it gets a chance to start.
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